MBEC Programs

 The incubator program is for new and existing businesses with their principle office in Albany, GA. The program provides resources and services to help the businesses Start, Grow and Thrive.

The program is designed to cater to the needs of the individual businesses. An initial assessment is done for each business to determine what phase of business they are in and what programs, resources and services they need to help them move through the remaining business phases which lead to success. Assistance is provided to each business based on their specific needs as determined by the assessment at the time of entry.

This program allows businesses to have access to a variety of programs, resources and services provided by the MBEC and its partners.

The market rate program is for for-profit businesses, non-profits, and other agencies that opt not to participate in the Incubation Program.  (No more than 41% of available office space may be rented at Market Rate.)

This program is for more established businesses who have overcome the challenges of starting a business, experienced some growth while managing their business and now expecting to thrive in their business.

 The virtual program is for entrepreneurs that are in the initial phase of their business and want a professional setting to conduct business without the longer term commitment of the incubator program. This program allows businesses to have access to professional services provided by the MBEC.