Small Businesses of the MBEC

Follow the links to see business summaries and contact information. Listed below each link is a general directory.

First Floor Businesses

Suite 128: BioRestore Asbestos and Mold Removal

Suite 154: B.E.S.T. (Being Empowered Successful & Trained Inc)

Suite 158: Vacant

Suite 159: Albany Second Chance

Suite 160: ASU National Alumni Association

Second Floor Businesses

Suite 208/223: Destiny 4 U

Suite 209: Clearly Speaking by Debra

Suite 210: Dougherty Realtors

Suite 214: O'Neal's Consulting and Training

Suite 215: Allied Contractors

Suite 216/217: Ascension Studio

Suite 218: Georgia Tech Small Business 

Suite 219: Family Literacy Connection

Suite 227: Wesley Solutions

Suite 228/229: ProVision DUI

Suite 231: Vacant

Suite 232: Alpha-1 Home Health SVSC

Suite 233: Quality Touch Healthcare 

Suite 237: Divine Care Transportation

Suite 241: Veterans Serving Others (VSO)Counseling Services 

Suite 243: Williams CPR Certification

Suite 244: Albany Community Builders

Suite 245/246: J Thompson Construction

Suite 247: Faith Community Care

Suite 248: Vacant

Suite 250: Professional Pathway Staffing

Third Floor Businesses

Suite 300: R & S Insurance

Suite 333: Albany Community Together

Suite 345: Curious Minds

Suite 350: R & R Transport

Suite 354 (Virtual Lab):